Dear Scholar,

Today is September 24, 2015, and you have lived to learn another day. And that is a beautiful thing. Indeed it is a privilege to learn. Today, you may be a 4th year student at UW Madison with hopes of landing your dream job. You may hope to have a job with the corner office and a great starting salary in a field that makes a difference.  Or, today, you may be a high school senior in San Jose, California with hopes that, at this time next year, you’ll be moving into a new dorm room at your top-choice school.

As a college student, you may be in a panic about seizing the last first day school.  Or, you may have already begun the countdown:  273 days, 13 hours and 52 seconds until June 1, 2016.  Regardless of who you find yourself to be or where you are, I expect that a commonality for all is hope. Hope that you can take this school year and make it better than those in the past.  Hope that this year will matter. And hope that you will be ready for next year.

As City Year recruiters, our hope lies in the year ahead. It is our hope that in 273 days 13 hours and 16 seconds, our recruits who are now actively serving City Year AmeriCorps members will have changed not only the lives of their students, but their lives as well.

We hope that our AmeriCorps members will be developed as leaders, capable of leading our communities, nation and world in an uncertain future.

We hope that today’s young people will see racism, sexism, and other types of injustice in their communities and take an active role in seeking social justice for all.

We hope that the community and team bonds that are forged this year in service will last a lifetime.

We hope that service has inspired our AmeriCorps members to have a new found belief in the power of young people and their ability to be leaders in their fields.

We hope that when the year becomes difficult, our AmeriCorps members will show a type of grit that calls out the gifts of their students and shows them their intrinsic value.

We hope that all of our AmeriCorps members will know that they are serving for a cause larger than themselves. A cause that needs diverse perspectives and true community to be successful.  

We hope that our AmeriCorps members will embrace the value of students first and collaboration always.

It is my hope this year that City Year will be one step closer to attaining its vision. That one day the most commonly asked question of a young person will be, “Where are you going to do your year of service?” As the fall recruitment season begins, let’s turn this hope and many others into a reality.


In Service,

Will Reichardt 

Recruitment Manager


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