The end of the school year is both an exciting and humbling time for our AmeriCorps members. It’s graduation season for their students as well as for the corps members themselves. Midway through May they start the process of saying goodbye not only to their students, school staff and fellow corps members, but also to their journey of service.

Here are a few blog posts from AmeriCorps members as they reflect on their past 11 months of service:

City Year Baton Rouge:

As my last week as a City Year Corps Member closes, it’s only right that my last blog post is a reflection on my year of service. Ten months ago, I embarked on this adventure not knowing how much it would change my life. The challenges and triumphs that I’ve faced this year have, without a doubt, allowed me to not only grow as a person but as a leader and educator. To continue reading Click here.

City Year Baton Rouge:

On Friday, City Year Baton Rouge's 2014-2015 corps came together for the last time to reflect on their year, celebrate their achievements, and receive their diplomas. In a touching and uplifting graduation ceremony, these 64 young idealists officially completed their year of service and became members of the 22,000+ City Year alumni community. In front of family, friends, and school partners, they pledged to remain leaders for life. To continue reading click here.

City Year Chicago:

The best kind of relationship I have found so far is one that is mutually inspiring. This is the sort of connection that I have with my student Brian*.

The first thing that I noticed about Brian way back in September was his artistic ability. He was always drawing. Because of this, I invited him after school one day to help us prepare for our upcoming service event, Make-a-Difference Day. To read more click here.


City Year Denver:

With a 15 member City Year team my school team is no stranger to teamwork. In the span of nine months we have put on many events including: seven attendance rallies, two teacher appreciation breakfasts, two Spelling Bee’s, a book and movie night, monthly student recognition lunches, and an awards night. In order for these one-off and ongoing events to happen it takes massive amounts of collaboration. Most simply, teamwork manifests itself in three ways: communication, dedication, and organization.  My team would not have been able to accomplish what it has without the perseverance and leadership skills not only of those tasked with heading up each event, but of the whole team driven by accountability. Click here to read more.

City Year New Hampshire:

The end of the service year is in sight. Corps members have only a month left before they become City Year alumni. Some of us have already settled into our future LACY plans and are looking at our next journey. As a member of the Parker-Varney team I am able to look back on all that we have accomplished this year. However, there is still work to be done, even if the pace has slowed. When I was in college we were warned of the made up disease called, “Senioritis” which is characterized by a lack of motivation, or a decline in performance due to being near completion of a term. While it’s normal for anyone to have feelings of senioritis, I have found that it is different when you are working at City Year.  Read more here.

City Year San Antonio:

As we finish the last stretch of our year of service, Jason Mraz’s words echo in my heart: “I won't give up, on us.” This wonderful song about perseverance in the good and bad times is usually attributed to romantic relationships. When I heard this song on a Wednesday morning, it struck me in a different way. This song is exactly what I go through in this demanding job. It requires the mentality of “service to a cause greater than self,” one of the many values City Year strives to uphold. To read more click here.



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