Working with City Year is about more than just earning a paycheck. It's about inspiring and challenging students—and yourself—to become the best young leaders they can be. Working in an under-resourced school can be stressful and challenging. It’s Not Easy. But it’s worth it.

America’s schools are designed to provide extra support to just 15% of students. But in many high-poverty communities, 50% or more students require additional support. Without it, we know they're at risk for dropping out of school, or falling behind their peers in English and math.

Our AmeriCorps members serve as mentors and tutors to those students--giving their all to help students achieve their academic and social potential. Often times, the most rewarding aspect of our service is watching our students grow throughout the year.

“Working at those jobs that were just paychecks was only rewarding in one way,” Cate MacQueen, a City Year AmeriCorps member said. “Here, I'm getting rewarded in every way. I'm learning about me. I'm learning about them. It's just a wheel and it just keeps going.”

“Their perseverance, their desire to learn and desire to come to school and do their best is what keeps me motivated and gives me hope,” Gregory Harrison, a City Year Detroit AmeriCorps member said.

No matter what academic or career trajectory you’re pursuing—from business to education to the natural sciences—the City Year experience provides valuable work experience and professional skills to build your resume while making our world a better place, one student at a time.   

Discover how you can #makebetterhappen with City Year

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