2017 was an active and exciting year. Together we’ve witnessed the impact one mentor can have in a student’s life, learned about the amazing careers paths of our City Year alumni and explored some unique benefits of serving with City Year. We have truly enjoyed sharing the City Year journey with you this year. In case you missed them, here are eight 2017 blogs not to be overlooked.

Use Your Gap Year to Strengthen Your Law School Application

Taking a gap year in between college and graduate school may be beneficial in the long-term. Many graduate schools believe a gap year helps the applicant, as it allows for the opportunity to gain valuable skills that will take them far—both in the program and in their careers.  Read more to learn why.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

5 Nonprofit Management Program Scholarships for City Year Alumni

Thirteen percent of our 2017 alumni express interest in working in the nonprofit sector after completing City Year because their service year gives them opportunities to learn, grow and thrive in this sector. During your service year, you’ll learn to develop plans to meet the community's needs and measure the impact of program implementation. To continue honing your nonprofit management skills, here are a few of our university partners who share City Year's passion for pursuing social justice and offer exclusive scholarships for City Year AmeriCorps alumni.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

Students Share What They Love About City Year

Educator. Advisor. Role Model. As City Year AmeriCorps members, we play many roles in our students lives. They’re our highest priority. We help set the tone for a positive, enriching environment. But, what do our students make of this? What do they say to their classmates when they see those red or yellow jackets in the classrooms and hallways of their school? Read what a few of our students said they valued about their AmeriCorps members.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

10 Ways City Year AmeriCorps Members #MakeBetterHappen 

When City Year AmeriCorps members #makebetterhappen, they work to help students reach their full potential every day. This year, more than 3,000 City Year AmeriCorps members are serving full-time in more than 300 schools across 28 U.S. cities. Read about ten of the many ways that City Year AmeriCorps members support students and their communities.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

Tips and Tools for a Successful Year of Service with City Year

A year in service with City Year can be filled with triumphs, challenges and surprises for both you and the students you work with every day. You will not only learn a lot about your students’ potential and strength, but also your own abilities and willpower as well. Take a look at what advice, tips and skills City Year AmeriCorps recent alumni from Boston, Jacksonville and Philadelphia had to share about their time with City Year.
City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

Make a Difference in These 6 Cities That Need You

Our amazing AmeriCorps members are in the midst of their year (or two!) of service, as they’ve committed to continue making progress toward increasing high school graduation rates across the U.S. Are you up for the challenge, too? Take a look at this list of six cities that are looking for talented, hard-working and passionate young people who want to help students reach their full potential.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

City Year Application Tips

Submitting an application of any kind can be a stressful process. Here at City Year, we want to make our application process as smooth as possible for you. Here’s a checklist of application tips that can serve as a guide for bringing your best self through your City Year application. Our next application deadline is January 26, 2018.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

Stories that Capture the Power of the City Year Red Jacket

City Year AmeriCorps members mentor eager, bright students. The journey is sure to be filled with challenges and triumphs that will aid in the growth of both the student and the AmeriCorps member. Valuable lessons are learned and strong bonds are formed.  Read more to take a look back on a few of our corps members’ stories that reflect the power of the City Year Red Jacket.

City Year's Best Blogs of 2017

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