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There’s the alphabet, and then there are the City Year ABCs. At City Year, our AmeriCorps members focus on attendance, behavior and course performance to help their students succeed and reach high school graduation. Here’s an inside look at how sites across the network are mentoring students in improving their ABCs!

A: Attendance Monitoring and Student Engagement

City Year Boston Blog Attendance

We know that every minute at school is important for a child’s learning. AmeriCorps members monitor attendance and work closely with students to improve engagement through school-wide initiatives, one-on-one coaching with students (including phone calls home) and communication with parents and guardians regarding how their students are progressing. Read how one City Year Boston team worked to help students decrease tardiness across the elementary school they served.

B: Behavioral Support and Developmental Progress

City Year Milwaukee Blog ABCs

AmeriCorps members care about the well-being of their students not only inside the classroom, but outside of school as well. They foster environments which allow for the student to grow behaviorally and developmentally through general instruction, near-peer coaching and engagement programs, which lead toward social and self-management skills and behaviors that reflect a strong, purpose-driven character. Read how an AmeriCorps member at City Year Milwaukee aids in the improvement of a student’s social emotional learning skills in a way that makes students want to set individual goals and set an example for others.

C: Course Performance in Math and English

City Year Blog ABCs

AmeriCorps members work hard to help students advance to the next grade level, on track and on time.They tutor students one-on-one and in small groups, integrating with the school’s academic curricula and acting as an additional resource for teachers in classrooms. Read how one City Year AmeriCorps member built confidence in her students to improve their reading and math skills.

City Year AmeriCorps ABCs

Attendance, behavior and coursework grades in Math and English are good indications as to whether or not a student is at-risk of not graduating high school on time with their peers. Our corps is an integral part of the school communities where they serve, and give support both inside and outside of the classroom before, during and after school to help foster a safe and comfortable learning environment for students. Together, with teachers and schools,  we are helping students graduate prepared and ready for college and careers!

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