As a City Year AmeriCorps member you’ve mastered a year in service helping students with their attendance, behavior, and course performance (ABC’s). Now what?

Consider serving another year. Not only do the students and new AmeriCorps members benefit from a seasoned corps member who’s already had a year to polish that skill set and learn the City Year ropes, but there’s also plenty of added benefits in it for you!

City Year #makebetterhappen Senior Corps Deadline March 17

Here are a few reasons why you should keep the momentum going with an extra year to #makebetterhappen:

Foster Your Passions and Interests

There are a few ways to be involved during a second year of service. You can serve as a mentor again, lead a team of AmeriCorps Members, or you can apply to the Civic Engagement team if you want to take on a more creative, hands-on, physical service role.

Work with Data

These days, data is everywhere! It is likely that data will play a part in your future career choice. Data matters and it is important to learn how to collect, organize, and interpret it in the workplace today.

Hone Your Leadership Skills

You’ve been through a year in service, now it’s your turn to show first-year AmeriCorps members how it’s done! Take this opportunity to educate the new corps members based on what went well during your first year in service, and what you would do differently. Plus, leadership roles look great on resumes.

City Year #makebetterhappen Senior Corps Deadline March 17

Enhance Your Resume and Future Job Opportunities

Speaking of resumes, what better way to land that dream job than to show your future employer that you are capable of taking on responsibility, making informed decisions, and remaining loyal to an organization? Two years at an organization shows that you are committed to the cause and to your ability to continue to make a difference.

Receive an Extra Education Award

Perhaps the next step to achieving your dreams involves earning a graduate degree, instead of going straight into a career. Consider the benefit of having an extra Segal Education Award to cushion those often hefty tuition expenses!

Continue To Make a Difference

Keep the wheels turning with a second year in the same organization, where you’ve already learned the do’s and don’ts and can focus on what’s most important–making an impact on your team and its students.

City Year #makebetterhappen Senior Corps Deadline March 17

What are you waiting for? Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated, and we hope you’ll join City Year for a second year in service. 

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