Considering applying to City Year!? If so, you are among one of thousands of amazing young people considering applying to serve with us. We know this is a major decision, and we want you to have all of the information you need before applying. With 29 locations to choose from, you have a wide variety of options and a lot to consider! No matter where you decide to apply, you’ll be able to make a difference with students who need you most. We’re here to give you some insight into a handful of City Year sites that provide remarkable opportunities to make a lasting impact in students’ lives and the communities while also offering plenty of opportunities to explore the exciting things each city has to offer.


City Year Boston is the founding City Year Site out of 29 sites. It's location in Boston along with City Year Headquarters. Fenway Park (pictured here with a beautiful sunset) is a staple of Boston, Massachusetts.

Not only is Boston home to a vibrant center for academia, innovation, business, technology, medicine, art and education, it is also home to City Year! As City Year’s very first site, City Year Boston has engaged more than 4,000 AmeriCorps members in service to the Boston community. With a strong culture and rich history, Boston is a welcoming and energetic city that is an ideal place for young people to serve. There is no shortage of festivals, free concerts and farmers’ markets along with many iconic places to explore such as the Boston Common, Castle Island, the Museum of Fine Arts and Fenway Park.

City Year Boston AmeriCorps members currently work with more than 12,000 students who are in need of extra support and resources. They play a critical role in ensuring all students receive a quality education and realize they have what it takes to be successful. Throughout the year, City Year Boston offers various types of professional development opportunities ranging from a mentor program to working on communications and development projects at the site to opportunities to join various affinity groups.

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City Year Orlando is located in Orlando, Florida. Some AmeriCorps members even get free year-long passes to Universal Studios (pictured here)!

Aside from being home to the “happiest place on earth,” Walt Disney World, Orlando is known for being one of the leading U.S. cities in job growth. Orlando is a young city filled with people committed to building community, which makes this city a natural fit for City Year. Orlando’s consistently warm weather allows for exploration of the many bike paths, parks, natural springs and beaches in the area. With a vibrant food and shopping scene, Orlando has something to offer for everyone and is the ultimate place for a year of service.

Students in City Year Orlando's eight partner schools are approximately 65% below proficient in math and English. Given the challenges facing students in Orlando, City Year plays a crucial role in supporting students both academically and social-emotionally. City Year Orlando provides AmeriCorps members with various professional development opportunities and resources such as arranging for the Universal Studios Human Resources team to visit City Year Orlando and provide mock interviews and resume reviews for AmeriCorps members.

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New Hampshire

City Year New Hampshire is located in Manchester, New Hampshire. One of the many attractions in Manchester is the Currier Museum of Art (pictured here), which is free on Saturdays! Credit to this photo goes to the Currier Museum of Art.

City Year New Hampshire is located in Manchester, the largest city in New Hampshire. Manchester is an up-and-coming city that maintains semblances of its manufacturing roots mixed with new and exciting growth and development. The Currier Museum of Art (free on Saturdays!) and the Palace Theater are just a few of Manchester’s cultural landmarks to explore. Manchester has a sizeable arts scene with many local music venues and one of the world’s best poetry slam venues. There is also plenty of green space for hiking, biking, relaxing and soaking in the beautiful views.

Manchester has a large and diverse refugee population, which influences the demographic of schools and adds to the diversity of the community. In City Year New Hampshire’s partner schools, students have a 40% lower proficiency level in reading and a 50% lower proficiency level in math compared to the rest of the district. City Year AmeriCorps members play an important role in supporting students both inside and outside of the classroom to help keep them on track. City Year New Hampshire offers a very hands-on approach to professional development through workshops, training and alumni engagement.

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New York

City Year New York is located in New York City, New York. It's no secret that the Big Apple has breathtaking views of the skyline, such as this one, from anywhere you look!

New York is home to the cultural, financial and media capital of the world. Packed with iconic attractions like Central Park, the Empire State Building, the High Line and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there is always something to new to explore. Throughout the city, there are a variety of free events, concerts, shows and festivals to check out. With more than 800 languages spoken, New York is the most linguistically diverse city in the world. New York is a dream come true for foodies, with dozens of cuisines and well-known dishes to try. With a fast-pace and never a shortage of things to see and do, New York is an ideal place to serve and make an impact.

Across City Year New York’s partner schools, AmeriCorps members work closely with approximately 3,000 students in need of extra academic and social-emotional support. City Year AmeriCorps members are playing a key role in working with students to make sure they have the extra support they need to stay on track. City Year New York is dedicated to providing AmeriCorps members with professional development opportunities such as networking events, mentor programs with Deloitte and City Year New York alumni and Comcast Career Day to help them develop professional skills and launch their careers.

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San Jose

City Year has a location in San Jose/Silicon Valley, California (pictured here) where many City Year San Jose AmeriCorps members expose their students to the amazing technology and STEAM programs our partners there have to offer.

San Jose is known as the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” As a global leader in the high-technology, computer, micro-processing and engineering industries, San Jose is home to many thriving technology companies and innovative minds. Located between the picturesque Santa Cruz mountains and the enchanting South Bay, there are tons of sites and parks to explore.

Across the 13 schools City Year San Jose serves, about 30% of students are proficient in English language arts and about 20% of students are proficient in math. Given the challenges facing some students, City Year San Jose plays a crucial role in supporting students and stepping up to fill in gaps to ensure all students are on track to reach graduation on time. City Year San Jose is committed to ensuring AmeriCorps members have access to professional development opportunities and often collaborate on events with partners such as Microsoft.

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