Keeping lesson plans fresh and exciting can be challenging. That’s why we’ve collected our favorite Star Wars activities, which are sure to have your students as excited and engaged as a group of teenagers at a Cantina Band Concert on Tatooine. Check out all of these ideas and use them for May the 4th (or for the release of Solo, which hits theaters May 25).

Droid Building

R2-D2 is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars saga, and his younger, more nimble friend BB-8 has become a hit with children around the country. Use their interest to get students excited about the science that brings these characters to life. BB-8 can be a great transition into a lesson on inertia. R2-D2 can be an example during lessons on electrical currents and circuit boards. Even C-3P0 can help explain communication. I mean, he is fluent in over six million languages.

The droids are also the perfect way for students to get involved with a robotics club or team if your school offers one. For more information on robotics and its relationship to the Star Wars Universe, check out this great resource.


If you have a student who struggles in art class, use the force to guide them. You can use the beauty of the Star Wars universe to encourage your students to paint, draw or sculpt their favorite characters and landscapes, even if that’s a sunset on Mustafar. Plus, the Star Wars universe is filled with thousands of different alien life forms. Have students use their imagination to make their own creatures and characters. As a bonus, tie in literacy by asking them to write about their creations. Ask them to come up with a home planet and a backstory for this new addition.

Teach your young padawans the way of the force with some of these Star Wars related classroom activities provided by City Year. May the force be with you.

Star Wars Terrarium

Star Wars is filled with biodiversity, whether it be Ewoks on Endor or a pack of vulptex on Crait. Have your students create their own planetary terrariums so that they can learn a bit more about how ecosystems work. Ask them to pick a specific Star Wars planet and start building. For more information on how to build a terrarium, check out this helpful guide.


Computer code drives the Star Wars Universe. Whether it’s a droid using coding skills to open up a locked door or a pilot making upgrades to his X-Wing, the future is clearly dependent on coding. Luckily, our partners at code.org and Microsoft understand the importance of coding. Check out these awesome Star Wars-related coding activities and be sure to engage with students who show a high interest in computer skills. They keep things fun and will teach students some basic elements of coding.

Bust out some of these activities in the classroom or during your afterschool programs and your students might start referring to you as the chosen one. Do you have any other fun Stars Wars related activities?  Be sure to share them with us on social media. We’d love to see what you and your students have cooked up.

May the 4th be with you.

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