by Suzie Nahach, Baton Rouge AmeriCorps member proudly serving at Baton Rouge Bridge Academy. 

In February, the students of Baton Rouge Bridge Academy celebrated Black History Month by learning about important African American figures. Every morning the students learned about someone new and what they did to make the world a better place. The month culminated in a presentation. Even though February ended, March brought about a new month of learning: Women’s History Month.

As someone who didn’t know about Women’s History Month until at least high school, I appreciated that elementary schoolers were taking the time to continue to talk about important women who changed the world in diverse ways. Oftentimes, like with Black History Month, these women have faced adversity that students can look at and grow from, a point that is often brought up in discussion of important figures.

Every morning in the month of March, students learned about a woman who made the world a better place. Several students got the chance to choose a woman from a book of famous women and then they got to present their choice to their classmates. Past choices included Madame C. J. Walker, Dutch spy Mata Hari, and Beyonce. After every presentation, the students got a chance to talk to their peers about what they learned about the day’s person. Additionally, the students spent some time recognizing the important women in their own lives.

In accordance with this blog, I asked some students who the coolest woman they learned about this month was. Selected answers are as follows:


“I really liked the woman we learned about today (Mata Hari) because she was dancer and a spy which is really cool.”

“I like Michelle Obama because she helped make the world a better place.”

“I like Rosa Parks because she is the best woman.”

“I like Sojourner Truth because she showed a lot of growth.”

And then,

“My favorite woman is you, Ms. Suzie, because you’re Ms. Suzie!”

Happy Women’s History Month!

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