Written by Brisha Coffee, AmeriCorps member proudly serving on the Boo Grigsby Foundation team at Celerity Crestworth Charter School. 

Baton Rouge is the Capital of Louisiana. It is located on the Mississippi river. In my opinion it is home to the best mix of cultures, food, and traditions. The people here are so nice, it’s like the whole city is just one big family! One of the many things that I love about Baton Rouge is our delicious food. We have seasonings and flavors like no other. My favorite dish that I feel that captures the true essence of Baton Rouge is Gumbo, a thick stew made with seafood, sausages and some veggies usually served over a bed of rice! Crawfish is another great dish that is common in Baton Rouge. We love crawfish so much down here that we have our very own tradition of crawfish boils, where we all get together listen to good music and eat some crawfish and other seafoods.

The City of Baton Rouge is home to the Louisiana State University Tigers and Southern University Jaguars, where tailgating is a part of life and football is religion.  LSU has amazing lakes that many Baton Rougiens including myself walk around and Southern has a beautiful view of the Mississippi River. Southern also has a prestigious law school and the best band in the nation, “The Human Jukebox”.

Let’s talk about Baton Rouge’s Music! We have awesome live bands. We love “Live After Five”, where they have different bands performing downtown every Friday starting at 5pm. You can go just about anywhere downtown Baton Rouge and you’ll hear some of our soulful music. Zydeco and Blues is our specialty.

We have beautiful landmarks in Baton Rouge. Two well-known landmarks are the Old State Capitol and the New State Capitol. LSU’s tiger stadium, “Death Valley” is one of our landmarks known across the nation! 

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