Written by Stephonie Rodgers, Second Year AmeriCorps member serving at  Baton Rouge College Prep. 

Welcome to your first day inside of a school building as a City Year AmeriCorps member. You are excited or maybe you’re terrified.  Either way, there is no turning back now because, today, you have committed to giving the best parts of you to a cause that is greater than yourself. With your feet on the ground, you will give a service to a multitude of magnificent students who will be elated to have you work with them throughout the year. The days will be hard and the nights may be long but you are ready and you are set. Thrilled to start your first day, you step into First Circle with as much energy as you can possibly muster. Then, you suddenly look around and realize that you are in a morning circle filled with people that you don’t really know. Yes, I’m referring to your new teammates. Now, of course, you had the opportunity to learn a little bit about your team during training, but you’re not sure how much you can depend and rely on them throughout this service year. That’s when you realize that this year may be even more challenging than you imagined. 

Although working with a team can be difficult, it is imperative that your team works together to ensure that the students are receiving the best service City Year can offer. Yes, the thought of working with new people can be scary, however, it’s a part of life. City Year is a great place to work on effective collaboration. Throughout the year you will learn to be flexible and compromising. You will also learn the importance of holding yourself and your teammates accountable. These transferable life skills will be a great asset to your professional career. So, in the words of the best superhero pet gang in the nation, “What’s gonna work? TEEEEEAMWORK!” Go ahead and step into that First Circle with confidence. At the end of your service, you might gain a life-long friend, and you’ll defiantly gain a life-changing experience.

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