Written by Colleen Morgan, AmeriCorps member serving on the Albemarle Foundation Team at Merrydale Elementary School

City Year Baton Rouge is a huge community stretching from the various organizations we serve with, to the partners we make along the way in the schools. Each corps member establishes themselves in the CYBR community making connections and links in any way possible to help the community grow tighter and stronger. One of the most important connections a AmeriCorps member makes is with their teacher. The teacher of a classroom is the AmeriCorps member’s rock, they help to guide us and support us as we work along side them to help set our students up for success.

At Merrydale Elementary School, we have seen our relationships with our partner teachers flourish as the year has progressed. Each of us has worked to find a system that will help us to be successful in the classroom and in interventions with our students. Our teachers help us to be a driving force for our students and the Merrydale Community. They always push us to do our best and to always want to do more for our students.

Between Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Hiltons students constantly ready to answer any math problem headed their way, Mr. K and Ms. Guillory helping their third graders to read, and want to read about anything and everything they can. Ms. Yo and her teacher Ms. Bibbin’s working to find interactive lessons about clocks and time so their students will never miss a minute, and Ms. Pricilla working with all of the faculty and staff to help our students get to their 25 acts of greatness and to inspire them. Our teachers help make this year great. They make our service more powerful and they help us to understand why we are here and where we can go from here.

So… Thank you teachers of Merrydale, and everywhere! For all that you do inside and outside of the classroom to inspire us, to teacher us and to guide us through this year of service, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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