Written by Kelsey Lineburg, Senior AmeriCorps Member serving at Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School

“Beloved Community on three!”

“One, two, three… BELOVED COMMUNITY!”

This is the image that stays with me when I reflect on my Summer Academy experience in Boston, MA this past week.  The image of hundreds of people from all across the country (and world) connecting with one another and saying that powerful phrase in complete unison.  Beloved Community. 

This past week at Summer Academy was an opportunity for me to learn, reflect, and grow in my service journey with City Year.  After a few travel hiccups on our 1,400 mile journey to Northeastern University, we had an amazing (and busy!) week filled with powerful workshops, presentations and conversations all focused around the central theme of “Building a Beloved Community” within City Year and the cities we serve. 

I could go on about everything I learned and experienced throughout Summer Academy; however, I think these social media posts from each day highlight the essence of the week meant to me.

Now that we have all returned back to our respective cities, it is important that we harness the energy, passion, and “FIRED UP” attitude from our week at Summer Academy and use it to fuel our year of service in Baton Rouge.   Not only did I have the opportunity to grow in my service journey and refocus my energy for the upcoming service year, but I also had the opportunity to connect with other Senior Corps Members and Team Leaders from across the country.  I now have a community of people about to embark on the same experience as I am that I can reach out to during this coming year.  

Our commitment to “Building the Beloved Community” did not end the moment our plane land safely back in Baton Rouge.  It is an ongoing commitment that we must intentionally work towards building everyday within our teams, schools, sites, and organization as a whole.  Now that we are back and only days away from meeting our new corps members, I am more excited than ever to serve my city for another year.

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