By Stephonie Rodgers, Second Year Baton Rouge AmeriCorps member proudly serving at Baton Rouge College Prep.

Lynnea Baldwin is a 19 year-old, fresh-out-of high school AmeriCorps Member from Tennessee. She graduated high school in May of 2017 with no set plan for August. People were pushing her to go to college, but she knew that wasn’t what she wanted to do. She had no motivation to go to college and no real excuse to take a year off. Baldwin spent her summer looking for beneficial gap year options that would give her new opportunities and help her reach her goal of becoming a teacher. Mid-July came around and she happened to come across City Year. She applied and got offered a chance to serve in a program that had the same beliefs and goals she possesses. She found out on a Wednesday that the following Saturday she would be moving from her hometown of Jackson, TN to serve in Baton Rouge, LA.

Since serving with City Year Baton Rouge, Baldwin has affirmed her love for education and now knows she will become a teacher! Through City Year, Baldwin has learned so much about herself and has gained so much confidence since the start of her service year in late August of 2017. She is looking forward to serving the rest of this year with her kids at Baton Rouge College Prep. After graduating from City Year, Baldwin will be moving on to start college in August of 2018 where she will be attending Eastern University in Pennsylvania. With a huge help from her Segal Education Award and the University Partnership Scholarship between the Eastern University and City Year, Baldwin will have a full ride to the university. She is extremely grateful for the experiences, lessons, and the opportunities she gained thanks to her year of service.


For more information on City Year, please visit www.cityyear.org. To learn more about serving in Baton Rouge, check out this blog! Interested in joining City Year, apply today! The next application deadline is April 13.

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