By Tamara Will, AmeriCorps member proudly serving on The Lamar Advertising Company team at IDEA Bridge Academy and College Prep.


Girls were instructed to attend with their father or father figures while boys brought their mother or mother figures. All enrolled students were invited to attend. The school also provided music, food and optional photography packets for the enjoyment of the families.

The event kicked off at 7 PM where families filed into the decorated cafeteria to dance and appreciate the music. This went on for about thirty minutes while everyone mingled before food was served to the students and their guardians. The students also got to participate in popular line dances before getting in line to take pictures at the decorative backdrop. Although there is much to say about the occasion itself, here are some remarks said by IDEA parents at the dance:

“It not only gave me a chance to spend time with my child, but it also gave the opportunity for him to create memories with his classmates.” commented the mother of a third grader.

“My daughter was so excited about the dance! It was all she talked about for a week.” said another parent.

“He tried to be on his best behavior during the week in order to attend the dance.” stated the aunt of a second grader. “He kept telling me ‘I wanna be able to dance with Ms. Tamara on Friday!’”


This shows that not only did the event boost the morale of the students and gave them something fun to look forward to, but it showcased IDEA Bridge as a family-oriented school that cares about the people behind the scenes. When the students go home for the day, it’s the parents that continue their education at home through homework and other instructional activities. This was a perfect way to give an incentive not just to students, but also to those who are a central part of the students’ lives.




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