Written by Nayyir Ransome, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Capital Area United Way Team at Capitol Middle School. 

Winter breaks are fast approaching. Some of us are completing a half-year of service, others of us are starting a half year of service, but the vast majority of us are only half-way through a full year of challenges and obstacles.

With that in mind, I wanted to talk about something that often gets pushed to the side during these months we spend giving so much to our communities.

When is it okay to give to ourselves? When do we do things in service of us? How do we replenish our energy? I am talking about self-care.

Quite often when we think about doing things for ourselves, wthat sinking guilt tells us that it is selfish and we get that little doubting voice in our head that says we don’t deserve to buy ourselves those new shoes or we can’t afford to go to that concert or we don’t have the time to just do nothing.

My question to my fellow corps members is, if you don’t deserve it, then who really does?

You spend so much time serving others, when is it okay to serve yourself?

I firmly believe we need to. With the upcoming time off, I encourage all of my fellow service warriors to take this time and worry about nothing but yourself.

With that I have included a link with 70 ways to practice self-care. I encourage you to try a few. Who knows they may spark a New Year’s Resolution.

I would like to wish all Happy, Healthy, Restful, and Restorative Holidays!

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