Written by Dom Roher, AmeriCorps member serving on the Lamar Advertising Team at Celerity Crestworth Charter School. 

AmeriCorps members across the country are entering their last full week of September, which is both an exciting and busy time as a City Year service warrior. As we prepare to close out our first month, those of us at City Year Baton Rouge are particularly excited, not only because are we beginning to realize what our places in our schools and classrooms are, but we are also growing a more profound understanding of why we are serving in Baton Rouge, LA. We want to continue the AmeriCorps tradition of making better happen in the communities of those we serve for the people who have welcomed us into their community and to celebrate the achievements of City Year members in Baton Rouge and around the globe by serving with purpose and pride!  Let’s check in with a few of the AmeriCorps members to learn more about their experience thus far: 

Brittany Oliva
Anaheim, CA

“Becoming a part of the City Year Baton Rouge team at Celerity Crestworth Charter School has been like being adopted by Daddy Warbucks (the dad from Annie). I am now a member of this big, new family that features people from all across the country and the most beautiful thing about it is that they are here for me whenever for whatever I need them for. I am so excited for the next eight months because I am sure it will be full of me growing closer to my team, my students and the community of Baton Rouge!”

Christine Garcia
Denver, CO

“Patience. Without any patience there is no way you can reach these kids. The students are at different level, so you have to be able to adapt to their levels. You may work with a student who is two levels ahead, then work with a student two grade levels behind. It can be difficult to be adaptable and to have patience… pretty much what I have learned during my time working at East Baton Rouge Parish is how to love my students and accept all of their flaws.”

Dakota Tuggle
Charlotte, NC

“My favorite PITW is PITW #50 (bing!): ‘we must never lose the human aspect of what we are doing.’ It is my favorite because this job can be hard at times, but we have to remember why we are here and that beyond the paperwork and numbers and other things, we are impacting young lives who are the our hope for the future.”

The school year here in Baton Rouge has only just begun, but our corps is more than capable of completing this year as strong as we started it. Not only did we enter the school year fully prepared for the challenges that would come our way, but we entered it with the end goal in mind. Having an understanding of what we all came here to accomplish was imperative, which is why it is just as important to keep track of these goals, especially when the goin’ gets a little rough.

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