Collected by Colleen Morgan, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Albemarle Foundation Team at Merrydale Elementary School.

At Merrydale we have a special troop,
That meets together as a group,
They read, they write, they do some art
And all of them are very smart.

So here I have some samples of
These children’s works we dearly love.
All about food and dreams and their homes,
And to be honest, these are rockin’ poems.

“The Crazy Good Dreamer”

I dreamed that I had a car.
I knew it took me far.
I dreamed that I was a singer.
I knew I had lots of Fans. I dreamed of…
maybe I forgot.

The Saber Tooth”

I was born on Saber Island
So I had to build a Saber proof house.
One day later, it was done
I moved inside.
Bye bye bye yum yum yum
The End


"Ode to Takis"

Mmmm takis
The sweet intoxicating smell
How I require It’s delicious  taste
Sweet takis
Bitter takis
Red takis
All the best to me.
I can eat it when I’m sad. I’ll make the world glad
I can eat it when I’m happy
I’ll make the world trappy.

“Dreams In General”

I don’t have dreams, but I wish to dream
About being president.
If I was president I would make people eat takis,
pizza and hot wings for 2 months and wear
blue white and black for 1 month because
blue is my favorite.


“I am from”

I am from the world of Howell Park

Howell Park is a park around the corner of my
Momo’s house.I ask to go there every time,
to go to her house.
My cousin used to live around the corner too.
I am from going to Buchan in the Southside
and waling my dog named Smooky.
But, one day I came home from school,
a lady called the pound on him.
I am from an adorable Williams and Brooks family
and a little Johnsons.


I dreamed of being a shark and
I dreamed of having a takis farm.


What’s what over there and that right here?
Is that a…and that a …
… It’s a dream. Don’t get too excited.
You might wake up. Think about it.
But not too hard.
Imagine things. Imagine great things.
Like a helicopter lifting,
or jumping out of an airplane.
We can do anything, but not long.
Wake up.
But then go back to sleep
when the day goes dark
repeat the process over and over again.
Never stop.
Keep going.
Don’t wake yourself up.
Then you will ruin the process.


“I am from”

I am from L Nation
I am from chicken
I am from school
I am from minecraft
I am from the living room
I am from books
I am from clothes
I am from Harry Potter
I am from Astro boy
I am from old movies
I am from 3rd grade
I am from Sanches
I am from Monique
I am from being bad
I am from having fun
I am from the women’s hospital


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