Written by Nayyir Ransome, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Capital Area United Way Team at Capitol Middle School.

PITW #183: Make your Move. To be effective, to get the results you desire, you need to plan. You need to think through your goals and strategies, consider all the ramifications, and get sound advice. But ultimately, to be effective, you need to act, or as Nancy Routh, a beloved City Year executive for twenty years would say, “You need to make your move.” Don’t get stuck in analysis. To be effective in social change, as in any worthy endeavor, you need to learn when it’s time to just go ahead and “make your move.”

This is probably my favorite PITW. A lot of us get stuck in “analysis paralysis” and don’t make any moves at all. We think about all of the good, the bad, the ugly, the utterly amazing, and long shots that could happen by making a single decision. Then we move on to the next idea and do the same thing.

 As we draw closer to the end of our year of service, LACY (Leadership After City Year) and STACY (Staying At City Year) are becoming priorities. There are those of us who knew what our next move was since starting our service year. There are those of us who had some idea but decided on a different route because of our involvement in City Year. And there are those of us (raises hand) who have changed our LACY/STACY plan EVERY month since we started.

To alleviate some of the anxiety around what to do and where to go after our year of service is over, I have created a flow chart designed to offer a little bit of City Year humor and little bit of guidance (but mostly City Year humor) in the face of what seem like overwhelming decisions to make.

I hope that this flow chart reflects some of the complexity and honesty of LACY/STACY planning and making decisions about what to do after your AmeriCorps year. Enjoy!

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