Happy Attendance Awareness Month! For September, our CYBR schools are implementing whole-school initiatives that emphasize the important role of attendance in academic success. In East Baton Rouge Public School System, Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for a student must equal 90% or higher in order to move on to the next grade- not to mention the fact that if you aren't in class, you are missing out on important skills. Apart from the phone calls made home daily to all absent students and their parents by our AmeriCorps members, targeted incentive programs have been put in place. The focus on encouraging high ADAs has been greatest at the middle school level, where students are becoming more mature and starting to take ownership of their own attendance priorities. Check out our initiatives below to see how we are acknowledging Attendance Awareness Month!

AmeriCorps Members serving at Capitol Middle School power greet students as they arrive at school. Each and everyday, City Year AmeriCorps members arrive before the first student to ensure they are in place for Power Greeting as students arrive at school. City Year wants to be sure that every student receives a warm welcome, a smile, and a high-five when they get to school to make their early morning a little brighter. When our students know that we are waiting to cheer for them, it encourages them to be at school every single day, and it serves as a method of knowing right away whether or not a student we work with is present so we can make that call home once school begins. 

Fun banners promote initiatives at Capitol Middle School. At Capitol Middle School, the Diplomas Now collaboration (which includes City Year) brings the students a monthly AttenDANCE for anyone with perfect attendance in the prior month. Students are treated to an in-school chance to let loose and get down at the end of the week. The first attenDANCE is today at CMS!

Promoting the VIP Ice Cream party at Broadmoor Middle School. At Broadmoor Middle School, the Buccaneers are focusing on a thirty-day attendance push. If students have perfect attendance for the month of September, they will be treated to an ice cream social- complete with super sundaes and hang out time with the City Year AmeriCorps members. 

Signs at Broadmoor encourage students to not just be on-time, but early! Attendance is not just about showing up. In today's society and the professional workforce, being on-time is the bare minimum expected of a professional, and being early is often key to being prepared. City Year's attendance initiatives focus on "soft skills" like understanding timeliness to prepare our students for the 21st century workforce. 

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