Last Thursday morning when the bells rang, students began making their way back into schools. After waiting in anticipation for quite some time, corps members finally got the chance to meet their students and embraced their presence with pure joy. Smiles swept across students’ faces as they looked up to see the familiar City Year red jackets. Chants and applause rang through the hallways, igniting energy and excitement. But for teachers and corps members alike, Thursday was certainly not the first day of school. The previous weeks had been spent preparing for student arrival. To add to the school climate many City Year teams decorated their doors and classrooms.


At Capitol Middle, “learning can take you anywhere!” In their travel-themed room, students are exposed to the opportunities an education can provide. 


At Merrydale Elementary, the City Year team welcomed their baby jaguars to the exciting jungle of learning that awaits them. 


At Claiborne Elementary, they created a super-hero hideout as a place for students to feel powerful. 


At Broadmoor Middle, their door welcomes the Buccaneer students to a sea of education. 


The Melrose Elementary bulldog pack were welcomed back with a beautiful sign that read, “Its time for Melrose to bloom again!” Another year means another chance to flourish in the classroom, to grow your mind, and to bloom again!

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