Written by Mallory Orr, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Entergy Louisiana Team at Broadmoor Middle School. 

City Year Americorps members serve in schools for one full school year, 10 months, 36 weeks, 190 days. We are luckily to share moments of laughter, struggle, frustration, joy, and gratitude with our students and eachother during this year that is seeming to fly by so fast.

Coming back from the winter break marked the beginning of the second half of our City Year. For many, the mid point of our service can find us in a place where we are tired and challenged as we are tasked with working even harder to help our students succeed. Because of this, January of City Year is a time that it is crucial to reflect on and hold close the moments that truly make this year a blessing.

For this post, I asked my teammates to share their favorite parts of being back at Broadmoor Middle.

Matt, 7th Grade ELA

"Unfortunately, one of my focus list students was suspended for a couple of days--reuniting with her has been one of my favorite parts of being back, it made me reflect on how much I value my time with my kids."

Chenice, 8th Grade ELA

"My students have kept me laughing every single day since I've been back. That's my life right now and I'm thankful for it."

Celena, 7th Grade Math

"Seeing how excited my students were to see me, and to continue working where we left off was my favorite part of coming back. I loved seeing all of their smiling faces and hearing all of their holiday stories had me laughing for days."

Andy, 6th Grade Math

"When your favorite student is happy to see you."

Amorette, 7th Grade ELA

"The fact that I get to LOL at the things my kids say, also that they were just as excited to have me back. They are really coming out of their shells this semester."

Dominique, 8th Grade Math

"When your starfish lets you know he miss you, followed by big hugs. I really enjoy helping the students learn."

Keri, Attendance and Behavior

"My favorite moment since I've been back is having a new set of students to work with since my position at school has changed...it's exciting to widen the net of students I reach."

Brett, 8th Grade Math

"It felt like a part of me was missing over break and getting reunited with my 8th graders felt like Christmas morning all over again.  These kids have carved themselves a place into my heart and I feel lucky for every minute I get to spend with them.  They have become family to me and just this week my starfish wrote me a letter that ended with I love you.  It is moments like these that I know I am where I'm supposed to be."

Alyssa, 6th Grade Math

"Getting to see all my students and receiving a lot of hugs from my kiddos. Going over my kids EADMS scores and their class grades to see they have significantly improved since the previous quarter."

Dakota, 8th Grade ELA

"Seeing Jayquan (my starfish) get off of the bus and going to breakfast with all of my babies made my day. CYBR'ing gives my life purpose."

Sharing joys with our team each day is a City Year. I'm lucky to work on a team of dedicated individuals this year, and am even more lucky that working with them has become a joy in itself. As we continue through this year, we will remember to appreciate every beautiful moment, because they are what bring light to even the most challenging days.

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