Written by Justyce Pierre, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Lamar Advertising Company team at Celerity Crestworth Charter School.

This school year has been nothing less than a challenge, but as the days continue to count down, I find myself wishing I had more time. When you're faced with the inevitable end of something so great, you can't help but think you should've cherished more moments and made things more fun/taken things less serious. Instead of ending the year with a laundry list of regrets, I'd rather end it with a bang (not a sizzle). The top things to do when saying goodbye to the people you've learned to bear working with (i.e., partner teachers, teammates, and students) is as follows:

1. Reminisce on the good times. Whether you've had many or a few, try to end on a good note by highlighting the good times you had with the people around you. You could bring up that time you were able to incorporate a game into academics or when one of your students that struggled the most finally had that lightbulb moment. 

2. End the year with a bang. Take your kids out and do something fun with them. You can throw them a party, play games, go outside. End their year on a good note too. Show them how much you and City Year cares about them as people but also show them all the work they've achieved this school year! Do a project that both you and your student can create as a last minute bonding activity and memorabilia to keep forever. 

3. Relax! Tests are over. Usually the last week is full of celebration. Join in on the celebration. Try not to stress about the dwindling time or anything going on with end of the year activities, take it all in and enjoy. 

4. Exchange information with your partner teacher! If you were blessed with the opportunity to have a phenomenal partner teacher relationship, make sure it doesn't end at the end of the year. If you can, keep in touch with them for recommendations and any other networking possibilities for other jobs and opportunities in life. With all that I've been able to experience this year, wrapping up the year just makes me want to do it again. There are a lot of things I was able to accomplish but I'm going into the new school year with the attitude of wanting to do bigger and better, for myself, my team, and most important my students. I couldn't be more excited to serve again! 

5. Show your team appreciation for putting up with you all the times you had sleepless nights and went to work cranky. Your team has been there with you and probably has the best idea of what you've gone through this past school year, so let them know you appreciate their support and resilience for making it to the end is the year with you. 

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