Written by Lucy Blair, AmeriCorps member serving at Celerity Dalton School. 

The weeks prior to opening night, City Year AmeriCorps members spent hours decorating the gym, learning the dance moves along with our students, and running lines with the actors. And when the play finally began, and my students started, I could not help but lean to the people around me and say, “That is my student!”

The Grinch Who Stole Celerityville is about Fitzgerald Grinch who was not accepted into a prestigious performing arts school. His audition failed horribly and afterwards he fostered a hatred for the performing arts. Kevin, who attended the performing arts school, wondered why the Grinch was like this. When Kevin found out he decided to reach out to the Grinch, and invite him to re-audition. His friends on the other hand, Tina and Tamara, thought it would be funny to play a mean trick. Tina made sure that the Grinch would fail horribly, and be humiliated once again.  In retribution, the Grinch destroyed the upcoming performance by trashing the stage and all the equipment. Kevin realizes this, and immediately rejects Tina from the group. Kevin then convinces the Grinch to come back, and the performance occurs with all of them together. 

Though some students had leads, the entire school participated. Each scene had a dance number that every class was responsible for. From watching the first graders cutely stomping around the stage, to the seventh graders who absolutely killed it.  Even though the majority of the students were not mine, the pride I felt for all of them overwhelms me. I attempted to do some of the dance moves that the kids had performed and I was just unable, this just proves that if you hold these kids to high expectations that they will fly beyond them and amaze you. 

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