By Beverly Mansfield, Baton Rouge AmeriCorps member proudly serving at Celerity Dalton School. 
Morning Circle provides each school team with the opportunity to gather and start fresh each morning. Morning Circle starts with the leader of that day's circle stating, Today is [insert day of the week and date here] and we have all lived to serve another day." The rest of the team responds with, "and that's a beautiful thing!"
Another part of Morning Circle is Readiness Check, where all AmeriCorps members point to each part of their City Year uniform and their "can-do attitude," their mind, their smile and their soul. Each item checked off the list is followed by a word indicating "ready!"

After Readiness Check, we dive into Announcements followed by Questions, Comments, and Concerns. Once that is complete, we bring it in for a break with a word, stomp and snap! And then we are ready for the day to begin!


The following video includes three of my focus list students, demonstrating morning circle!

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