Written by Evan Butler, AmeriCorps Member proudly serving on the Lamar Advertising Company Team at Melrose Elementary School

Melrose Elementary puts on a Fall Fest for the month of October every year! Fall Fest is looked forward to by ALL students and it is seriously a great time for everyone, even the faculty. The Fall Fest is an incentive for students who have great behavior for the entire October month and lasts all day. It even feeds the students hot dogs, nachos, and other fun foods! Fall Fest had multiple booths throughout the day as well. Some of these booths include Pie in the Face, Sack Race, Ducks in a Pond, Mummy Race, and Face Painting. As a Corps Member, I was put in charge of the Mummy Race booth.

The Mummy Race booth was probably the biggest hit of the Fall Fest. This is how it worked: Students are in teams of two. One student would be the “mummy wrapper” and the other student would be the “mummy”. After the “mummy” student is fully wrapped, he/she would run to the swing set and back! Whoever was the first team to win received two pieces of Halloween candy. The students really loved this activity and it was a great way to get them exercising and outside!

Working the Mummy Race at Fall Fest was super fun and also gave me a lot of ideas for future events. The Mummy Race was easy to craft. All I needed was toilet paper, candy, and students! Creating different incentives and activities has been an important part of my volunteering with City Year. Students need positive reinforcements to show improvement and City Year is great with generating the right reinforcements for any student. Fall Fest at Melrose Elementary was a great example of a fun, active, and organized way to show students that CYBR cares! 

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