By Jenn Flemming, proudly serving on the Lamar Advertising team at Democracy Prep. 

It's day 3 of week 2 of state standardized testing. Being around all these sharpened number twos doesn't make me feel nostalgic so much as inspire war flashbacks to my own schooling. The middle school City Year team have been intrepidly guarding the hallways against testing irregularities. Amidst these moments of complete stillness occasionally interrupted by utter chaos --one child in the bathroom at a time can quickly become a logistical nightmare if there are enough kids -- I have written a four-part series of haikus to keep my mind on tight. 


exam insanity

(I will not let it catch me)

sets in at day three


teachers and scholars

we must never say good luck

go make it happen


total silence falls

they say it's time for exams

hard work will reward


a year almost over

minds as sharp as our pencils

these tests are nothing

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