By Jenn Fleming, Baton Rouge AmeriCorps member proudly serving on The Lamar Advertising team at Democracy Prep. 
A Day of Service
This is how we served:
Gardens to grow citizens
Paving stones to pave the way
Letters to let them know we love them
It’s beautification of our space our body our soul
A Call to serve, a higher calling
She, ten years old, ended the day writing poetry
Empowered, motivated, touched by a shared humanity
A universal language like love
To serve others to serve oneself
The immeasurable impact of the individual
Becomes communion and community
True collective action
Here’s the quest, the question:
Service as a duty a privilege an honor
Make a day in the life a way of life
A project a projection of the future to be.


Inspired by my school’s Day of Service. Due to inclement weather, a lot of the day had to be adjusted, but the spirit remained. Scholars were asked to reflect at the end of the day - here’s mine.

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