Written by Mia Ruffin, AmeriCorps member serving on the Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation Team

It is a concept that many of us hold high throughout our lives. The end of a chapter book can wreck or make a whole weekend. In the single digits, we see the end of our school year as the end of an era. As a teenager, we pursue chances to end our youth and to create an individuality. In service every day, our human work continuously pushes us to seek resolution and closure.

Enter a team of 11 idealists with different tastes, palates and histories. We shared food, stories and struggles every single weekday since last summer.

Our music is too explicit. Our laughter is too loud. Our projects involve improvisation, almost by standard. We dance to silence. We question and contest and consider. We've managed to bring our past along, not as baggage, but as testimony.

This is a spotlight on the connection between the members of the Winbourne Elementary team, our students, our fellow corps members and each other. As the weeks wind down, we move together with no wish to break the chain. Cognizant of our time left and joyful for our accomplishments, we are seeking the mysterious air that comes with no regrets and letting go. In the center of that spotlight stands our search for closure.

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