Written by Jordan Palmer, AmeriCorps member proudly serving on the Lamar Advertising Company team at Melrose Elementary School.

For today’s post, I wanted to mention and thank a group of people who are not usually featured in City Year’s blog- our sponsors. City Year has quite a few sponsors, donors, and champions that are there for us and who believe in everything that this organization is doing. This year my team and I got to work side by side with Lamar Advertising Company and its employees as the sponsors for Melrose Elementary School. We would like to thank them for all that they have done, and for being extremely active in our school and service.  

Our first project together was for our Opening Day service project, where Lamar employees came out to help us with all the improvements we made in the learning gardens at Melrose.

As an extenuation of that project, several employees returned on a weekend to help us paint arrows and paw prints on the sidewalks- a tool the school uses to show our students which way to walk in the outdoor hallways. Lamar employees have even been a part of our math night, doing math problems with students and giving away mini-billboards for students who got the math problems correct.

 Lamar supplied us with a “We can do it” banner to go with the theme that our principal, Mrs. Olga Pack, has been instilling in our students since day one.

Over spring break, we brought service to Lamar’s Headquarters . The employees helped us to motivate our students by assembling “sur-THRIVAL-kits” for the 3rd – 5th graders taking the state standardized test.

I am proud to be working with an amazing company that is doing so much to help with education in Baton Rouge. It really warms my heart to see sponsors so involved, hands on, and out helping the schools. So I want to give a huge shout out and a huge thank you to our sponsor Lamar Advertising Company for all that they have done for us this year. 

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