Written by Mallory Orr, AmeriCorps member proudly serving on the Entergy Louisiana Team at Broadmoor Middle School. 

This past Thursday, Broadmoor Middle School had all hands on deck for Math and English Language Arts (ELA) night, the first open house of the year. Not only did administrators, teachers, and City Year AmeriCorps Members join together to put on an informative night for students and families, they also showcased Broadmoor’s focus on hands-on academic activities.

At Math and ELA night, families joined in the gym for an address from the principal and a performance from Broadmoor’s dance team. After a fun introduction, families played hands on math games while they got to meet the math teachers. Later, parents and students travelled to ELA classrooms to meet teachers and have a group discussion around what students are learning in English this year. With a continuing focus on attendance, students were rewarded for attending the event with a day of free dress as well as class extra credit.

Math and ELA night gave students and parents the chance to experience first hand the interactive activities students participate each day at school. In fact, Broadmoor has all classes participate in “Hands on Wednesday,” where each class focuses on a hands on activity integrated with a lesson each week.

I asked two of my teammates the best “Hands on Wednesday” activities they’ve seen their teachers put on in their classroom.

Keri Hankton, a sixth grade math AmeriCorps Member explained, “Each week, my teacher leads students in computer math games and activities. During this time, my students are able to reinforce their math skills while improving their knowledge of technology. Wednesday’s also give students a break from the usual lecture and worksheet format of class.”

Matthew Hein, a seventh grade ELA AmeriCorps member said, “One week, my students had a great time making a comic strip to highlight the important points of a story we read. Students had to quote the story and draw pictures. I think it worked well because it allowed students to see what we were learning in a way that wasn’t just words.”

As City Year AmeriCorps members, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage and teach our students. We are lucky enough to align with Broadmoor’s value of hands on learning, and were happy to be “all hands on deck” for Math and ELA Night.

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