During your City Year experience we want to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in whatever field you choose to go into after your year of service. That’s why we require that all of our corps members focus on their personal leadership development by going through training that’s based on six civic competencies, which are:



Throughout the year you’ll become an expert at clearly and effectively articulating your thoughts and ideas orally and in writing, as well as learn how to tailor them to a specific audience. 

Team Collaboration and Leadership

As a team-focused organization, your consistent collaboration with others will teach you to assess and value different perspectives. You’ll also learn how to provide inspirational leadership and resolve team conflicts in constructive ways.

Successful Relationship Development

You’ll learn how to work with and trust partners (internal and external to City Year), establish interpersonal understanding, and demonstrate cultural competence while working with diverse colleagues. You’ll also learn how to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and advance City Year’s mission while demonstrating confidence in dealing with partners.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

You’ll be able to apply broad knowledge, experience, creativity, and critical-thinking to solve problems. And you’ll learn how to look beyond the obvious for answers and solutions, along with how to make well-informed, ethical decisions.

Execute to Results

Your year will make you an expert at accomplishing tasks accurately, without sacrificing quality or timeliness. You’ll learn how to prioritize work, multitask, accept accountability, and take initiative.

Civic Knowledge and Fluency in Education Practice and Reform

You’ll get an understanding of the National Service and Education environment in which City Year operates, and learn how local and national policy and reform affects City Year’s service and outcomes. You’ll also learn how to apply industry insight to strengthen partner interactions and enhance outcomes. All of this will help you emerge from your City Year experience with knowledge of district, policy, politics, and procedures. All of these competencies will help you down any career path you choose, because they’re all sought after skills by employers in every industry.